The Lost Art of Literature


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Last school year during a history lecture, my favorite teacher went off on a little tangent to tell the class how no one reads enough anymore, and that she could easily give each of us a list of books we need to read for us to become just a little bit more scholarly. Well, being the academia addict that I am, I stayed after class that day which resulted in me getting some highlighted titles on the college reading list and a pile of books all for me to read. This was the initiation of what has now become my classic literature obsession. I am now going beyond the blue highlighter with the goal of finishing off the college reading list along with any additional classic novels I can find. So for every potential book lover who doesn’t know where to start in the vast world of literature, for everyone that would love to read an actual book but never has the time, for everyone that just wants an outline of the defining classics, and for everyone in between, starting the in the next issue I will be publishing book reviews strictly on classic literature in hopes that I may both assist in the finding of amazing titles for everyone to read and share these incredible stories to get them off my chest (as finding fellow high school students who love classics as much as I has proven to be a constant struggle). In the mean time though, happy holidays, stay warm, and have a beautiful day!

–Victoria Heitzman

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