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Elizabeth - Editor

Elizabeth – Editor

The glass is always half full regardless of how empty it may seem. A Detroit comeback isn’t just a dream but a reality. Positive things are happening already, and though it may not be quick enough for some, it is heading in the right direction.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind. It breaks my heart when I drive through Detroit and see abandoned buildings or vacant areas and neighborhoods remembering that, back in its heyday, Detroit was rockin’. We can keep asking, where and when did it go wrong? But it doesn’t matter. What matters now is the bright future Detroit has to look forward to.

Everyone who cares about the city’s future should participate in some form or other, either by volunteering, shopping, visiting, moving or starting businesses in Detroit. We appreciate those elite groups of large companies for stepping in and helping Detroit grow, but they can’t and shouldn’t have to do it all themselves. They need help from everyone, residents and non-Detroit residents alike.

Local heroes and volunteers should unite together with pride, regardless, helping rebuild not only the city, but also homes and lives, achieving the common goal of what most people believe to be impossible – the comeback of Detroit.

Detroit City Limits was started in the hopes of helping entrepreneurs who took a chance by opening their businesses in Detroit. The intention is to reintroduce non-Detroiters to the beauty of Detroit and what it has to offer now and in the near future by writing only positive stories. I’d love to see residents of the suburbs and beyond to view the city in a positive way so they return on a regular basis, not just on special events, but all the time, or stay, putting down roots of their own.

Let’s not be known as the hopeless city, but “THE City”. Let’s prove the world wrong by doing our part no matter how big or small so Detroit will come back better than ever. Help Detroit City Limits help Detroit come back stronger than ever by supporting the advertisers, events and everything else it has to offer, now and in the future. Let’s share our positive stories, if we don’t believe in Detroit, no one else will.