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What is a Clean-Wipe.

A   clean-wipe is how all computer repair places get rid of virus’ and repair 90% of all  computer repair problems. A clean-wipe is a re-installation of the computers operating  system, … xp, vista, w/7, w/8, w/10.  When you reinstall the operating  system  you get rid of all the bugs, virus’, worms, Trojan-horses, bots, stealth, malware, adware, spyware, freeze-ups, cutoffs, non-responsiveness, beep codes, alpha-numeric messages, hexa-decimal messages…..  It is a clean-slate of the “c”-hard-drive, super- fast,  super-efficient, no virus’, all problems are gone. It is like it is being taken back in time to the original factory default settings, like you bought it brand new from the show-room floor of the store. Before the clean-wipe you save all the persons information to a fancy external  hard –drive. All their music, pictures, word and data documents, videos and downloads. Then after the virginized clean-wipe and the operating system is back on the desktop wallpaper screen ,  you then load all the persons information back into their computer. The only things that can’t be saved are things that are cd/dvd loadable, they have to be re-loaded after a clean-wipe. Also, programs that were downloaded from the internet, licensed or not , have to be re-downloaded from the net, like a mobus photography program or a auto-cad program…… Also, favorites, history, bookmarks, T.I.F. -files, cookies, passwords, can’t be saved. Then you go into the device manager and re-install all the drivers that have yellow circles with !, in them, such as the audio drivers, video drivers, Ethernet drivers, networking drivers, sm-bus drivers, pci drivers, ……….  You do this using the one million driver plus software you have on a flash drive. You then activate the operating systems product key =  boot-loading, to make it authentic and genuine o.s.  Then if you are a good and generous tech.  you will load them up with some good open-source-linux -software as icon logos on their wallpaper/desktop screen like virus programs, office programs, youtube-downloader, gimp photo editor, dvd burning software, revo-uninstaller, vlc media player, all included in your affordable price.

​~Jay Jackson

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