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Welcome 2018. Yikes! Who Turned off the Hot Water ??

We were doing fine weather-wise until the middle of December; then, the bottom dropped out. It’s fine for all the skaters at Campus Martius. They thrive on all these frigid temperatures. A lot of our furry friends seen to enjoy it, as well. As for our seniors, they’re out there, too, scooters and all. I wonder if it has anything to do with Global Warming. Perhaps not, but certain atmospheric conditions do affect our weather. The source of our current severe cold weather in the downtown “D” seems to have started overseas. I hope you will find the following report interesting. The website videos are incredible. According to the Earth Sky website for the first week of January 2018, on the day after the January first supermoon (closest full moon of 2018 expected to bring higher-than-usual tides), Storm Eleanor plowed through Europe with winds up to 100 mph (160 km/h).  The winds and extra high tides caused flooding, impeded travel, injured and killed people, and left tens of thousands without power across the UK, Ireland, and other parts of Europe. By January third and fourth severe storm conditions hit the US. Late in the day on the third, an unusual winter storm passed through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. It became one of the strongest winter storms in the US East in modern history. Although the storm — crazily named “bomb cyclone” — did diminish over the mid-Atlantic, it continued to hammer US Northeast with heavy snow, high winds, and bitter cold. The term “bomb cyclone” is not a media invention. A storm is considered a “bomb cyclone” by meteorologists if its pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours. This storms pressure dropped 53 millibars in 21 hours: 59 in 24 hours. 
Locally, our downtown shelters and soup kitchens are doing a great job for the homeless to keep them warm and fed. Local churches are passing out blankets, warm clothes, and food boxes. American Coney Island on Michigan Avenue helps out once a year by supplying a free meal and warm outerwear. People helping people; this is the way it should be. Cold air is supposed to be invigorating. It turns your nose bright cherry red like Santa’s Rudolph and puts pink roses in your cheeks. With these frigid temperatures, I’d say “cheeks” top and bottom. My face was actually stiff the other day!

More apartments, offices, and three new hotels will open this year: the Element Hotel, Shinola Hotel, and the Siren Hotel, which was, at one time, the old Wurlitzer Building. Construction has officially started on the largest development downtown: the old Hudson site. It will have an 800 foot tower, a large podium and a market. Plans for affordable  housing are underway. With the current high prices on everything, the job market for older people being scarce, no real grocery shopping, and parking at a high premium, who is to say what “affordable” means, especially for our senior population and low-income families. I am really hoping this new year will bring a better way of living for our wonderful seniors.

Have a Blessed New Year Everyone.  

​~Michelle Fallena

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