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Things that make you go “Hmm” by Trina Campbell, Owner of Sacred Space Yoga Centre

“Hmm” is used to express thoughtful absorption, hesitation, doubt, or perplexity. This little three
letter word is power-pact. While there are a lot of things in life that could make you go hmm, lets
look at the hummingbird. The hummingbird is as an amazing creature, and so am I. Before you
say how conceited, let me explain. The other week, my husband and I was having a challenging
conversation, in the middle of the conversation he looked at me and said, “you’re just like a
hummingbird”. I said hmm and stormed away. While fuming and pondering the reason or
reasons for being called a hummingbird, a thought dropped in my spirit, saying don’t get angry,
research the characteristics of the hummingbird.

First sentence into my research, my countenance changed. I learned quickly that Hummingbirds
are both strong and beautiful. They are known for their humming sound because of how fast
they flap their wings, about 80 times per second; giving them incredible hovering power. Hmm,
was I called a hummingbird because I was talking so fast (about 80 MPM) that he couldn’t keep
up. Or was it because the hummingbird can fly sideways, upside down, forward, and backward.
My husband did say that I was all over the place with my ideas. However, because of their
ability to fly backwards, the hummingbird reminds us that we should reflect on our past, but
never get stuck in it. Hmm, a good quality to have in this fast-paced life we’re living.

Hummingbirds are associated with intelligence, higher thought processes, logic, and the ability
to see the “big picture.” Hmm, I’m liking this; characteristics that are needed in pursuing my
dreams or carrying out my calling in life. They also represent energy, vitality, sincerity, healing,
peace, playfulness, and joy. They have the ability of taking their inner joy into new and different
surroundings; being a blessing to others. Hmm, really enjoying being called a hummingbird.

Another incredibly symbolic characteristic of the hummingbird is that they drink the nectar of
flowers, always searching for the sweetness of life in colorful flowers. They like the sweet stuff
and will get mad if they can’t get it. Hmm, I’m always looking for a sugar fix. It is said that they
could never become addicted to artificial stimulants. Me again, don’t like sugar substitutes. The
hummingbird is said to be a symbol of tenacity and endurance, they are known to travel up to
2000 miles to reach their destination.

In the middle of my research I went to my husband in excitement and amazement and said the
humming bird is a beautiful creature. He smiled and said yes, they are. And of course, I went on
a rampage about what I had just discovered. There I was, going 80 MPM again. I stopped mid
steam (hovering like a humming bird) and said, hmm, I am a hummingbird. I immediately began
to really ponder this Trina hummingbird correlation. About now you might be saying “hmm I’m a
hummingbird as well”.

​The hovering power of the hummingbird reminds us that balance is the key to living a stressfree
life. Sometimes we just need to “hover” and be still. Hmm, do you think the hummingbird
could be a yogi. We’re all just busy and humming around like crazy. We are so over stimulated
by stuff; tweeting, texting, and glued to social media, fake news, and real news, until we can’t
tell if we’re coming or going.

Hummingbirds have flowers to hover and refuel as their sacred space. What about you, where
is your hovering space. We all need a sacred space. Have you carved out a spot in your house,
on your job or even in your neighborhood where you can call your sacred space; a space that
can have a transformative effect on your life. I have a space in my house where no one can
enter without an invitation. It is imperative that I’m allowed time and space to just “be”. My being
is praying, meditating, daydreaming, working, napping, and of course, a place for yoga. Now
that I have a hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window, the kitchen diner has become a
place of “hovering” as well.

WOW, all of this, from my husband (undenounced to me at the time) complementing me during
an argument by calling me a hummingbird. It has caused me to look at myself and yes, “you”
differently. As a reflexologist, a yoga instructor, and a yoga studio owner, I encounter many
people daily. I’ve always known that everybody is different and that I must meet people where
they are. But now I really understand how overstimulated we are as a people and how difficult it
may be for some to be still. The hummingbird is overstimulated by the amount of sugar it
intakes, yet we are overstimulated by sugar, tweets, social media, our jobs, our family life, and
politics. So, while we may not be able to bat our wings 80 times per second, some of us are
overstimulated to that same point.

So, I’m inviting you to stop by and hover at Sacred Space Yoga Center (SSYC) and discover or
rediscover your sacred space. Now is a good time to explore the pace of your breath and truly
learn how to slow it down to a hover. The hummingbird does not have time to really explore its
breath. They breathe about 300 BPM at rest. We could not survive at that rate, yet, some of us
push it to the limit. We tend to stay in a constant humming state.

Each class at SSYC has something different to offer in terms of personal development. While
the hummingbird characteristics had nothing to do with the names of our classes at SSYC. It’s
mind-boggling how our class names; patience, love, peace, joy, temperance, endurance, and
meekness are similar characteristics of the hummingbird. All our classes are designed to
incorporate mindfulness into your practice, giving you tools that can be applied in your everyday
life. These tools can help you be more present, more focused, and better equipped to handle
pressure, whether it be on your job, in school, in athletics, or just life in general.

This spectacular bird teaches a person about self-discovery and healing and SSYC helps you
explore that space. And we our “everyBODY” friendly. At SSYC you can drink from the nectar of
its space and explore the sweetness within. Be on the lookout for hummingbirds this summer.
And they may not all be flying around outside; they just may be in your home.

Just Be,

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