Give Me Pride and Give Me Prejudice! But You Can Keep Your Zombies


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victoriaBy Victoria Heitzman

Let’s get one detail straightened out before we get too deep here. I have NEVER been a fan of romance novels. I’m not really sure what you could call my preferred genre aside from classics and philosophy, but romance, even before I started with classics and philosophy, has never had a place in my heart. That Screenshot_7being said, the 1813 Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice has easily made my list of all-time favorite books (I cannot, however, speak for the newer version involving the undead. Not doubting new fiction writers but…yeah I’m kind of doubting new fiction writers I apologize). This novel tells the story of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a young lady who, at a time in her life where she is expected to marry sometime soon, tries to stop herself from falling in love with a man based on a prejudice formed by both first impressions and word on the streets. What could be better than an 1800s novel mixed with the venerable moral being don’t judge a book by its cover (in more than one sense this time!)? If you’re looking to see what all the Austen fuss is about, Pride and Prejudice is an excellent way to go to get a taste for her magnificent writing. So go, have a lovely Valentine’s Day (or maybe Singles Awareness Day, whichever works for you), and read on!

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