Held For Years In Taylor, Metro Detroit Golden Gloves is a “Hit” Back Home In Detroit


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CONTRIBUTORS To the joy of many and for the first time in years.


The Metro Detroit Golden Gloves 3 day tournament was held in the city of Detroit last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
This national event draws many amateur boxers worldwide who aspire to become worldwide champs, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, and not to mention our own Motor City Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, who all started their boxing careers out in the Golden Glove Tournaments.


Many spectators across Michigan came out to the 2015 Metro Golden Glove Tournament, held at Bert’s Market Place in the Eastern Market to edge the young fighters on in their attempts to conquer their opponents.


boxing in detroitThe Detroit Police Chief James Craig also made an appearance to this historical event where he expressed great admiration to the Golden Glove Tournament sponsors, coaches and parents for promoting such a positive cause.
He highlighted that we as a community have to take an initiative in mentoring and encouraging our youth to go in a positive direction.
However, it was extremely exhilarating to watch the competitors maintain courage, calm and control during this competition.


Moreover, the fans were graced with a three day week-end with some of Michigan’s most elite fighters and winners who will move on to the Golden Glove’s National Championship in their hopes of one day becoming worldwide champs as their iconic predecessor’s.


Story and photos by Cecelia Wells
Writer, Photographer for GreeningDetroit.com


Author: contributors

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