Logo Design: Tips for finding the right Graphic Designer.


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John HofmannWith the myriad of tasks filling up most enterprisers’ “To Do” lists, it seems like that many side tasks – like acquiring a logo – get put off until the last minute.


That’s when countless entrepreneurs realize how important finding the right graphic design firm is to getting their company’s logo.




Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when you’re browsing for a graphic design firm, be it traditional or online:




Due to the fact that many enterprisers are tight for funds to start with, obtaining a design service that offers reimbursement to unhappy customers is a must. Pretty much nothing can be as discouraging as spending countless hours collaborating with a developer to get proofs on a logo design, and find yourself with a logo that isn’t at all what the owner pictured. Confirm the company you choose has a money back guarantee.


Adequate Resources.


Since small business owners that go to an ad agency typically only need a logo design, many agencies won’t allot a great deal of time and resources handling that account. This means that they will seldom if ever assign more than one person to work on your logo design. Independent designers normally work solo too.


Whenever possible, find an agency that assigns more than one designer to your project. Look at online design services such as LogoWorks.com that offer at minimum two designers on every project. The extra mind will give you added creativity, and you’re more likely to like the design concepts they offer. I suggest avoiding ‘bargain’ sites like fiverr.com because of the finished products I’ve seen over the years.


What is the revision process?


Most logo design firms will alter your logo for no increased cost as it is part of the development process, but, depending on what you negotiate or what your design package is, you could find yourself paying out your ears for each round of modifications. Look for a company that will give you unlimited revisions at no additional cost.




A good designer will supply you an exact deadline by which you should expect to see their work. Always learn how long it will take them to come up with very first concept, and ask how long each revision will take. Don’t take the chance of teaming up with an artist that takes weeks on end for art.




Even though more difficult to identify, do all you can to determine if the firm is professional in its methods. Ask if the company uses clipart or if they generate custom graphic designs. Make sure they provide the master vector (.AI .EPS) files. Also, find out how many customers they have provided services to and how many will recommend them to others.


Additional Services.


Do they provide additional solutions? Once you have your logo, you’ll most likely want to do something with it, right? It will save you a frustration if you’ve hired an agency that can design your stationery, business cards, website, sales brochures and advertisements in addition to your logo. It’s even better if they can put your logo on t-shirts, decals, coffee cups and caps for you. In my experience, building a working relationship with companies can often get you better pricing and additional perks at no cost.


Follow these tips and your logo design process ought to be awesome rather than a hassle, and good chance you will save a great deal of money and time in the process.


My name is John Hofmann and I am a project manager for Fusion Marketing, a Guerrilla marketing firm located Roseville, MI.

I oversee many unique projects working at Fusion –corporate branding and re-branding being some of my most favorite. (although we do offer many different services for Michigan businesses, including website design).

Author: John Hofmann

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