Media Kit

DCL Media Kit

Detroit City Limits is a free monthly publication that focuses on Detroit by writing only positive articles that will allow readers to reconnect with their city.

Detroit City Limits (DCL) was started for two reasons.
1) To spotlight the positive things Detroit has to offer, and
2) in the hopes of helping businesses from all over advertise their products and services more on a regular basis at a reasonable rate.
Consistency is very important, regardless on the size of Ad.
What is important is to have your name out there on a regular basis so people remember who you are and what you have too offer.


Purpose for Detroit City Limits: to help businesses get the recognition they deserve at a reasonable rate.

Features: Only positive stories are featured in Detroit City Limits. Detroit City Limits is fun, informative, easy read and something people can’t wait to pick up again.

Types of Articles: Only positive stories and information about locals, things to do, places to go, history, landmarks, events, etc.

Distribution: Not only does Detroit City Limits have subscribers, but also is distributed first week of the month in Detroit, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County.
Drop off points are restaurants, offices, coffee shops, Whole Foods, Libraries, DIA, Fisher Building, Ren Cen, etc.
To get a specific list, please go to www.detroit-city-limits.com under “Find a Copy”.
Understanding the importance of distribution we are diligent on making sure Detroit City Limits is visible in the right places and adding new locations each month.

Marketing: Along with having a website, www.detroit-city-limits.com, Detroit City Limits is also on Facebook and Twitter with about 400 combined followers and growing.
Detroit City Limits is also part of WJR with radio personality Annette Compo from Real Estate 411.

Schematic: Tabloid. 10 ½” x 11” image size 9.32” x 9.890”.

Print: Detroit City Limits is monthly and prints ten thousand copies and growing each issue.
Audit from returns are very minimal.

Demographic: Target audiences; middle to upper class income, in there mid twenties/thirties and older who own their own home, have a family and that go out and spend money.

Rates: Upon Request. (Unbeatable)

Offers: With every Ad you run, you get a write-up written by one of Detroit City Limits writers.
You can even have your our column each issue that you write, if you want.

I encourage you to go to my website: www.detroit-city-limits.com, and read the currant as well as past issues.
This will give you a better idea of who DCL is and what the other advertisers write about each issue.
It will also show you where we are distributed under Find A Copy.

Advertising in Detroit City Limits is more of an investment rather then an expense, and you won’t get better customer service than with Detroit City Limits.


Download a word DOC file of the DCL Media Kit