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Phil Stayhue Call it soda, call it pop or blend it together for soda pop … savvy beverage buffs across the U.S.A speak the same language when it comes to satisfying a certain set of taste buds. And for more than a century, the Motor City’s own Faygo Beverages, Inc. has been a strong contender in the cola wars.

The company’s latest reinforcement to a 50-plus flavor portfolio arrived this summer in the form of Faygo Cotton Candy.
“With a 107 year record of pop innovations, Faygo fans have come to expect new flavors that are bold and unique,” said Al Chittaro, executive vice president of Faygo Beverages, Inc. “Cotton Candy was driven by consumers, as it was the most requested flavor in Faygo history. And fans are already voicing rave reviews for Faygo Cotton Candy.”

Available throughout the Midwest, Cotton Candy is available in 24-ounce and two-liter bottles, with continuing rollout in other national markets.

As for the taste of the latest member in the Faygo family tree?
Suffice it to say that anyone looking for a liquid option harkening back to a circus midway will find pleasant cotton candy memories.

faygo cotton candy

Faygo’s latest offering is Faygo Cotton Candy. Photo courtesy of Faygo.

Faygo flavors can be found in 49 of the 50 states, and all those beverages trace their origins to the company that was founded by a pair Russian imigrant brothers as Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works.
The word “Faygo” was a better fit – literally – for printing on bottles, leading to a 1920 name change. A part of the National Beverage Family since 1987, Faygo’s bottling plant and headquarters has remained in the same Gratiot Avenue location since 1937.

What’s the secret behind Faygo’s talent for delivering the flavors that customers are calling for?
Faygo Marketing Specialist Dawn Burch shed some light on the time-tested process for creating new flavors, much like the “Candy Apple” Faygo flavor brought back in 2012 and “Gold” in 2013.

“We’re excited to offer so many Faygo flavors based on customer demand.
Our Faygo ‘flavorists’ are constantly at work in the company, coming up with new flavors that other companies would never try. Then we test those flavors with our executive team, marketing and everyone else that may be in the office that particular day,” said Burch with a laugh.

Some new Faygo flavors may be on the market for a limited time, but other flavors have established an undeniable staying-power in the market place, like Faygo’s flagship Redpop and Rock & Rye flavors. Not every flavor is available coast-to-coast, but the company strives to answer the demand for Faygo enthusiasts regardless of their location.

“We’ll ship Faygo anywhere in the U.S. as a last resort through our online Pop Shop,” Burch added.
“There is definitely a demand in the marketplace. I have even seen two-liter bottles of Faygo selling online for $30 a piece. With the Pop Shop, we can ensure that distant Faygo lovers can enjoy their favorite beverage straight from the source. Our fans and the City of Detroit have been very loyal to us, and those feelings are mutual.”

Show your Faygo love by visiting www.facebook.com/faygo and www.twitter.com/faygo and learn more about the company at www.faygo.com.

Author: Phil Stayhue

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