Motor City Beat – July


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Editor Notes One of the many things I love about my job is meeting, talking to and learning about new people.
In a nutshell, the consensus is the same: Detroit’s star is shining brighter and brighter every day.

Vacant lots and abandoned buildings are disappearing as people with vision buy land destined for positive uses.
Volunteers are getting together, cleaning their local neighborhoods and parks.
I know we still have work to do, but walking the streets of our Motor City I feel an energy that is refreshing, exciting & simply “cool.”

However, along with the positives, there are still concerns.
The biggest one – crime and safety.
I totally agree, but let’s not kid ourselves, break-ins, shootings, drugs, etc., are challenges faced in every city, not just in Detroit.

Starting with this issue, we will be publishing reports of incidents occurring in the city of Detroit, and recognizing how Detroit Police officers are cleaning up the city, one crime at a time – big or small, precinct by precinct.

– Elizabeth

“Motor City Beat”

6th Precinct
Location: 6800 block of Ashton
Date/Time: 6/05/14 1:45 p.m.

Officers from Narcotics executed a search warrant in the 6800 block of Ashton. Officers arrested one suspect and confiscated five gallon size bags of marijuana, two handguns, other narcotic paraphernalia and an undisclosed amount of cash from narcotic proceeds. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Detroit Detention Center for processing without incident.
Courtesy of the Detroit Police Department Office of Public Information

Author: Editor

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