We all have one common bond…


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By John Catoni

Compassion, empathy, understanding, being helpful to those in need, not discriminating based on race, religion, gender etc., just an overall consideration of others and work ethic. These are the things that supposedly are applicable to every person in the United States. This common bond of being understanding and respecting everyone, should be what unites us all together and is something that applies to all of us, right? I wonder though if all of these basic principles truly do unite us all and if we actually spend any time thinking about or practicing them at all.

You know one thing that does unite us all and we all spend a significant amount of time is…. TAXES. Taxes?!? It’s the one thing that creates an undeniable bond for everyone. We are all definitely trying to figure out a way to minimize our taxes. Whether it’s someone with a lower income trying to get a refund to pay off some bills or some big time corporate fat cat with a team of accountants trying to find obscure loopholes to put them in the same tax bracket as the lower income guy or gal. Taxes unite all colors; white, black, green, purple, orange, etc. All religions too, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Scientologists, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists, hell, even Jedi Knights. Taxes affect the big time national television evangelists of the world with their huge amount of cash flow as well as the minister in an inner city who is scraping up what he can to keep a homeless shelter open. They affect the typical unappreciative professional athlete making 15 million a year as well as the hard working parent spending nearly a week’s salary just to take their kids to just one game.

Taxes are on everyone’s mind at some point. Even, those individuals that don’t file wonder if they should be filing or when the IRS will make them file. All the politicians that claim they are going to lower your taxes while their opponent is going to raise them, guess what? They have to think about their own taxes too. The overzealous police officer that goes too far in apprehending a criminal, he has to think about his taxes as well as the suspect he went way too far to apprehend. The protesters that ridiculously stereotype all police as bad people have to pay taxes as well as the courageous, hard working police that dedicated their lives to protecting the protesters and us. The person who sits on his or her moral high ground mountain top and has nothing better to do but worry about who is shacking up together has to think about taxes, as well as the people who feel the need to make the entire world aware of their sexual orientation 24/7 and how that makes them heroes. The true hero who is disabled for life from an unjustified war has to deal with taxes as well as the people that sent him to the war and who made a ton of money as a result of that war. Taxes affect those who work three jobs and over one hundred hours a week as well as those who try and avoid work all together and yet still receives income. Doctors, lawyers, farmers, firemen, mechanics, clerks, tall, short, blond, brunette, north, south, east, west; everybody thinks about and wants to lower their taxes.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. All of us are united on this subject and have the same goal. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all were united and have the same goals in regards to compassion, empathy, understanding and work ethic? I wonder.

John Catoni is enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service and has over 20 years of Income Tax experience. He can be reached at john@catonitax.com.

Author: John Catoni

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