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Earth, Sun, and Moon

Once long ago, the Sun chased the Moon all over. There was no edge to their play, and for years they ran through all the skies in their fun game. Years went by, and the two chased each other on and on long after pleas from the sky orbs to stop wore off. Sun and Moon would have their fun for years till it had to cease. That day is where this tale takes place.

In one of their runs, it was Sun’s turn to chase Moon through the skies. This time, Moon chose to hide out where she did not think Sun could find her. So, she went into a Way of Milk. Since she saw Sun close on her tail, she did not see that one sky rock was in her way. She only saw Earth when she ran right in to his top! Sun caught up to Moon to see her sad at her ways. Earth, though, was not kind. “You!” he did roar. “You killed all my pets! At least ten kinds are gone now due to you and Sun!” Yes, Earth was quite mad at this. “I think I have a way for you to make this up to me, though,” he said. “You and Sun must stop your games right now!”

Sun and Moon, though, would have none of this. “Of course not!” they said. It was their turn to be mad. “We will not stop our fun!” Earth gave a small not. Just as Sun and Moon thought they were off the hook, though, Earth took them both in his arms and drew them in. He set a trap for them. They could run for all of time, now, but they would stay with Earth to just run over him. His pets grew up, and they now know Sun and Moon’s chase as day and night. This is why the sun and the moon whirl over the earth.

This story was written as an assignment in an English class: write a children’s story entirely in one-syllable words. Not an easy task, but I always love a challenge. Thanks for reading!

​~Victoria Heitzman

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