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News and viewpoints as the joys of summer begin to move into the big “D" with rain and higher temperatures Red Tailed hawks make their home on the 12th floor ledge at the Michigan Central Station in Detroit Construction workers discovered two adult raptors (hawks) who built a nest on a 12th floor ledge this spring.

In April two white-speckled chicks hatched from eggs. A cover was put on the window and the area cleared to keep people and construction workers away. The juvenile hawks are expected to take their first flight soon and then the family will leave the nest shortly afterwards but most likely stay in the neighborhood. An adult hawk is a large predatory bird with a wing span of four feet.

The old train station, due to open in 2022 and 3% complete, is the project of the Ford Motor Company. It is the centerpiece of the automakers new Detroit. Work crews pumped out almost 227,000 gallons of water to begin with before starting on the massive reconstruction.

Other project news in the “D” that critics are concerned with is the unfulfilled promises of Ilitchs’ vision for District Detroit. Virtually none of them have been completed. Of six residential projects outlined, two Years ago this month, none has started construction. Old parking lots, owned by the llitch organization that bring in substantial revenue, were slated for development as new housing and retail. In an interview with the Free Press he said,“District Detroit is home to four major sports, many theaters, Ford Field and Comerica Park. We have millions of guests traveling through the area each and every year in automobiles. As we don’t have mass transit where is everyone supposed to park?

Finally someone who realizes the crux of one of the biggest problems faced in the downtown “D”. City planners, whose future ideas revolve around dollar signs, do not understand the value of common “cents”. I guess the only way to quell this storm of criticism is with positive results. Let’s hope they realize the necessity of parking space as well. Another issue no one seems to be concerned with is the very high cost of entertainment and sports events.Drop a few hundred to see a show is not my idea of “fun”. Someone has tunnel vision and certainly no outlook for our seniors who have been here since day one. Their solution; free concerts in the park, the “beach” at Campus Martius, summer church festivals close by, Belle Isle , etc. The senior population is a class by themselves but they still have needs. With all the empty buildings downtown certainly some zillionaire could donate one for a Senior Center.

On May 27 a deadly tornado hit El Reno Oklahoma. The fatalities, total destruction and flooding was everywhere. I mention this as a reminder that with Global Warming our climate change just seems to be getting worse. The latest bad news; a conclusion that global sea levels are rising much faster than previously estimated, which could put several major coastal cities, including New York and Shanghai,in jeopardy. A new study says the oceans could rise by more than 6 feet — if emissions continue Unchecked – by the end of the century. If that happens, it would swamp cities and displace as many as 187 million people. The unexpectedly rapid rise in sea levels is due to the accelerating melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

My report for June is of a serious vein but I felt it necessary to remind everyone these are thoughts that need to be considered. Living in the “D” is a blessing; we seem to sit in the middle of all this maelstrom of destructive weather while other cities are being hit full force. There are no words to say; my heart goes out to those people.

Enjoy this beautiful time of year and Father’s Day: Any guy can be a “dad” but it takes someone “special” to be a Father! ’

Til next time - Michelle

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