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A Detroit Neighborhood of Choice by Eric Goosen

          ​East English Village or what the locals call “EEV” has been named “A Detroit
Neighborhood of choice.” East English Village is located in the Southeast side in Detroit.
The neighborhood rich in diversity, culture and beautiful architecture is taken care of by
a deeply committed neighborhood association. Beautifully crafted homes
Most of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the 1920s, by craftsmen from all
over the world. The construction of the homes was in the early 1930s. The owners, not
the developers, hired builders, as a result this turned the new homeowners into
designers and allowed for them to make the homes one of a kind, Homes you don’t see
in every subdivision around metro Detroit, these homes have character and are very
special with unique characteristics.

          The people who came to build their homes in this area were mostly
professionals. The area known as East English Village attracts police officers, civil
servants, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. Residents of many different ethnic
groups have added to the diversity of the historic community. By the 70’s, residents in
the area became concerned about the stability and safety of the neighborhood, so they
started the neighborhood association to assure the safely and preservation of the
beautiful homes and families in the communities. In the 90’s, the residents gave the
area the name of East English Village. This name was fitting because of the English
country-style homes and the majority of English street names,

          Today the pride of EEV continues to be strong. Many young, professional people
and young families are moving back to the city and to East English Village. They are
working with established residents to keep this a safe and wonderful place to live. They
hold regular association meetings to discuss the future of the neighborhood and how to
make it an even better place to live.

          EEV has been a two time winner of the The Curbed Cup, the annual award for
the neighborhood of the year. The neighborhood is truly a community of people who
love to be there, Local EEV resident Jon Carpus quoted “I love living in East English
Village. There's a great sense of community here. There are times when I've been
walking or biking around the neighborhood and someone I haven't met yet will strike up
a conversation with me. The houses are beautiful. We have great parks and stores
nearby. It's great. “

          You can also find many activities in EEV such as an annual summer garden
contest, annual Musicians' Day street party, a home and garden tour, where potential
home buyers get a good look at what EEV offers, as well as many town and park clean
ups to keep the area safe and clean for the children in the neighborhood, these are just
to name a few. East English Village has much more to offer as a place to live, work,
play, and raise a family.

          If you have not had the chance to visit EEV, I suggest you take a visit and enjoy
the beautiful homes, parks, churches and local businesses. Take a drive down Outer
Drive, Cadieux Road, Harper Avenue and Mack Avenue. There are many businesses,
restaurants, services and churches within a short distance. I suggest having breakfast
at the Harvard grill, or give feather bowling a try at the Belgium spot “Cadieux Café”.
The historic Alger Theater after being closed for 30 years on the Eastside of Detroit at
E. Warren and Outer Dr. is now open.

          ​If you are looking for home, Give EEV a look as it is more a family then a
neighborhood. The East English Village Association encourages and promotes the
standards of maintaining safety, security, harmony, beauty and serenity in the
community. The people in the area truly love being there and it shows through the
support and pride the local residents have for their home, A Detroit Neighborhood of
choice, East English Village.

~ Eric Goosen

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